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Anyone who thinks of beer or wine before the end of the day can quickly slip into alcohol addiction

"Now do one more thing and then quickly drink the after-work beer", this or something like that many people think shortly before the end of work. Such thoughts can, however, be an indication of an early alcohol addiction. Those who drink a lot of beer or wine very quickly and above all are also at risk.

An eventful day with a lot of stress comes to an end. Many then think of a glass of beer or wine for relaxation. Anette Wahl-Wachendorf from the Association of Company and Company Doctors says drinking a small glass of wine or beer three or four times a week in the evening "is still fine". Usually there are no habituation effects. However, it is an alarming sign if drinking thoughts arise before the end of working hours. It could indicate that wine or beer is of high importance and that alcohol dependence is getting closer. This happens quickly, especially when the alcohol is consumed to compensate for anger and stress.

The doctor points out that individual drinking habits can also be negative signs. It is of concern, for example, who drinks a lot at a party in a short time, i.e. more than the others. "This shows that someone is very used to alcohol and is consciously heading towards getting to level". The suspicion that it could be an addiction is obvious.

Anyone who notices that their own alcohol consumption has increased can first try to leave the alcohol away for at least a week. If this is very difficult or if the goal cannot be reached, a doctor or therapist should be contacted. (sb)

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